57 𝌾 The Power in Effortlessness

Lead the organization with correctness.
Direct the military with surprise tactics.
Take hold of the world with effortlessness.

How do I know it is so?
Through this:

Too many prohibitions in the world,
And people become insufficient.
Too many sharp weapons among people,
And the nation grows confused.
Too much cunning strategy among people,
And strange things start to happen.
Too obvious a growth in laws and regulations,
And too many criminals emerge.

Thus Evolved Individuals say:

Look to nonaction,
And people will be naturally influenced.
Look to refined tranquillity,
And peopel will be naturally correct.
Look to effortlessness,
And people will be naturally affluent.
Look to nondesire,
And people will be naturally simple.

2023-09-27 04:12:35