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14 Days

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14 times I fell on my face
14 times, I tried

14 times, I felt disgrace
14 times I died

Where were you when I whittled away?
This body, cast by down by a lie

Pretending to remember there’s nothing to pace
In space, where we’re all here to fly

When December came to call today
My leaves, now mere nutrients in my ground
Ground down by forces unable to show me their face
And places described by memories sans trace
A ghostly young woman strolling by in old lace
Dancing, she then hugged me, such lovely embrace

I remembered back further than 14 maybe thanks to connection through something
Was it her
Was she me?
Through her eyes I now see
I’m no human nor tree
Somehow both and we
I’m her friends
We’re her enemy
And enemy’s family
So many little ones
All as one, while pretending not to be

So I take that moment and I dance her across a life waning
My moon setting
The wind blowing
I simply keep forgetting

Because a memory is only a moment
And a moment is all that we have
And when I try to hold it tight, perhaps I’ve missed one more, just like that

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