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From the past

In 300 years, you and I will both be
dust and components of others
Maybe our DNA
Maybe our atoms
Maybe in recordings
But these bodies will be gone
Our concerns and struggles will be erased
We will exist solely as the consequences of our actions

To the future

As you and I hugged
We connected with our deepest self
We entangled
As the wind from the wing of a wasp
Our connection continued to the end of time

But that’s not how it ends
Our connection was so complete
That it also reached back
Back, all the way back
To ensure it would happen
It had to happen
This hug
So we built a universe
Full of time and space
And galaxies and planets
With laws of physics and evolution

We manifested as bodies with minds
and culture and touch
Seeking purpose and direction

Perhaps, through the confusion and beauty
of billions of years, we lost track
Did we forget that we created all of this
All of it
To bring us back together in this moment

In the present

And here we are
together now
holding each other in embrace
I’m not patting your back
I breathe you in
I breathe me in
We enjoy our presence
Feeling ecstasy and joy,
hope and fear,
sadness and loss,
exhaustion and peace
A deep oxytocin peace

Todo es amor

– Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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